Friday, April 2, 2010

Spring has sprung!

I don't know about the rest of you, but I am sick and tired of winter!  We've had a few nice (50s+) days here and there, but they are always followed by periods of exceptional wind, rain, and cold.  Ton was even able to snowboard last weekend!  The southern part of the country is well into their triathlon, running, and cycling season but we in the upper climes are just dusting the cobwebs off of our equipment.  Hopefully indoor training went as well as possible, but there's nothing like stretching your legs in the warm sun of spring.

Finally, here in New York, spring seems to have arrived.  The next week looks to be sunny and above 60 so we can't complain anymore.  Yes there will be more rain and cool, windy days, but I'd wager that the worst is behind us and I can confidently start planning my workouts to all be outdoors again.  I find trainers and treadmills mind-numbing and though it's still not open water swimming weather yet, that to will come. I am really starting to look forward to my upcoming race, long training rides, and my annual cycling weekend in the Berkshires, that all seemed so far away not too long ago. 

Happy Passover, Easter, and Spring to all, and to all some good training!  Lace up your shoes, pump your tires, and get out there!  And welcome back, sun.  We've missed you.

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