Thursday, April 8, 2010

Hammer Nutrition Chocolate Recoverite Review

I must admit- I didn't get off to a great start with Recoverite.  I had heard so many good things about Hammer Nutrition's products and had been reading that in particular their recovery drinks were superior to their competitors' because of the reduced sugar, no artificial ingredients, and right amounts of protein and carbs.  I thought I'd give it a try so last spring I bought a 60 serving tub of Recoverite in Subtle Citrus.  After a hard workout I dumped 2 scoops into my water bottle, shook it up, and took a nice long gulp.  That was a mistake.  Some of Hammer's drinks have a love it or hate it taste.  We saw this at Sports Bistro's recovery drink tasting bar after the New York Cycle Club's Escape New York Ride: Recoverite was either people's hands down favorite or they couldn't stand it.  Unfortunately, I was in the latter category.  The minimal amount of sugar didn't help, and perhaps the subtlety of the flavor was just too little for me.  I was used to taking Fruit Punch Endurox and this was very different.  In any case, I now had 59 servings left and I couldn't bear to just get rid of it.  Over time I got accustomed to the flavor and managed to finish that entire tub, but I wasn't loyal to the product and cheated with other recovery drinks like Fluid, Gu Recovery Brew and Endurox now and then (shhhh).

Fast forward to this spring.  I was lucky enough to get some single serving packets of Recoverite in their new Chocolate flavor.  As you can tell from prior posts, I had started taking their Chocolate Pro Whey mixed with milk and really liked it.  Despite my previous experience with Recoverite, I decided to give the chocolate flavor a try.  And it was great!  I cannot believe this is the same drink that comes in Subtle Citrus.  It tasted a lot like the Pro Whey in that the chocolate was fully flavored and only slightly more bitter than regular chocolate milk (although Recoverite I mix with water).  In all honesty I really liked it and went through my single serving packets in a few days.  I'm actually very relieved because I wanted to like Recoverite, but just didn't.  Now that I've found a flavor that I like, this will be a no-brainer for me.

I will continue taking the Pro Whey when I just need calories and muscle fuel, like after a short but intense hill or speed workout.  But Recoverite is better after the long workouts, like my 3 hour bike rides or a 10 mile run.  I've lost electrolytes, I'm out of fuel, and my muscles are tired.  Recoverite helps with all of that and it's easy to take the minute I get home before I get in the shower and have time to find real food. This is what a great recovery drink should do, and finally I've found the best one in a flavor I like.

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  1. I tried the chocolate recoverite on the recommendation from a friend last week, I thought it was seriously disgusting. It was watery, bitter, and just tasted chemical. Hammer Gels are awesome, and I know people that like their ecaps and supplements, but their drinks taste like chemicals.