Thursday, April 8, 2010

Product Review: PowerBar Energy Bites

Had a chance to try the new PowerBar Energy Bites in training this week, and DAANG... IT'S FRIGGEN' DELICIOUS! In fact, I just mentioned to some of the other Team Sports Bistro folks that if I hadn't been told this was an actual sports nutrition product, I would've happily been chomping away at them at the movie theater like candy.

PowerBar has done a fine job of combining the dense consistency and taste of an energy bar within the convenience of bite-sized pieces for athletes on the go. In my opinion, the flavors (currently available in Oatmeal Raisin and Chocolate) are a welcomed alternative to the tangy-fruity tastes you get from other products in the "Energy Chews" product category like Clif ShotBloks, Gu Chomps and PowerBar Gel Blasts.

PROS: Love the taste. Contains 5 grams of protein per 4-bite serving (for those of us endurance athletes who believe that taking a bit of protein during training speeds the recovery process). Re-sealable packaging helps keep the bites fresh and dry on long training days.

CONS: A bit higher in sugar content than other "Energy Chews" products. (Contains 16 grams /150 calories per 4-bite serving as compared to GU Chomps' 11 grams sugar / 90 calories per 4-bite serving.) Despite the re-sealable package, some will find it not as convenient to eat as the tube-style wrapping of Clif ShotBloks, especially during races.

Conclusion: Alas, I'm a die-hard gel-only athlete during races (for speed of digestion purposes), so this product is not likely going to replace Roctane as my go-to competition product. However, it's definitely going to make its way into my weekend long-ride rotation. Heck, it'll probably make its way into my afternoon snack rotation too.


  1. As a percentage of total calories they actually have LESS sugar than the Gu Chomps so the raw number is deceiving. The ProteinPlus version is even less than that. I liked the Oatmeal Raisin but the Chocolate was just way too sweet for my taste.

  2. Energy Bites as a snack? Really Ton? That's what real foods are for :)