Sunday, August 22, 2010

NYC Marathon Training - Week 1

This past week I did (almost) exactly what I planned to do, which is all I can hope for.  Daily results:

Tuesday- 4 mi in 30:30 (7:37 pace)
Wednesday- 5 mi in 37:30 (7:30 pace)
Thursday- 4.3 mi in 31:00 (7:12 pace)
Friday- OFF!  Last day of work, celebrations, dinner, etc
Saturday- 7.4 mi in 1:02:35 (8:27 pace)
Sunday- nothing, all day travel

I had planned on doing 8 miles on Saturday and would have liked that to be 30 sec/mi faster,  but I got lost, had a lot of traffic lights, wandered around, had my watch stop, etc etc.  I'm not concerned this far out, but this is the only thing that didn't go as planned this week.  Other runs were just fine.  I don't need much more speed, but certainly need to increase the mileage!  I am just very cautious about doing too much, too fast.  The week's total of 20.7 miles is a 13% increase over last week.

Nutrition on the runs:  nothing, but I did take a Gu gel before the 7 miler (my only breakfast) and always followed my runs with a Fluid recovery drink (it was warmer than usual in Seattle and felt I needed the electrolyte replacement).

This coming week I am back in New York (after spending the summer in Seattle)!  Most of my runs were in Myrtle Edwards park, along the water.  I will certainly miss the view!  And with the water temp around 50 degrees and the wind off the sound, it was like natural air conditioning.  I'm excited to be back in New York, but will certainly miss the running in Seattle. Luckily the heat wave seems to have broken back east, since I am NOT acclimatized to that!

Goals for the coming week:
25 miles, including 10 miles as the long run next weekend.

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