Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Clif Shot Bloks - Product Review

I recently got the chance to try Clif Shot Bloks while in training (bike and run).  Part of Clif's Shot line of products (including Shot Roks which are a protein recovery bites), Shot Bloks are chewable 33 calorie cubes meant to be taken during exercise.  The are like a semi-solid gel and quickly dissolve in your stomach to release carbs and electrolytes (sodium and potassium).  While I don't mind the texture of gels many athletes don't like it and find energy chews a more palatable choice.  In addition, energy chews like Shot Bloks allow you to monitor your caloric intake even more finely, so you don't have to take 100 calories all at once like you do with individual gel packs. 

I tried the Cran-Razz flavor which is caffeine-free (Black Cherry and Orange have 50mg of caffeine).  The flavor was good- not too strong or sweet but definitely there.  On my bike rides I took one cube every 15 min or so an hour into the ride and coupled with my regular sports drink they lasted the duration of my 2.5 hour ride.  The chewing was easy (I hate when I have to chew something forever) and the Shot Roks went down easily with gulps of water. I didn't notice an energy spike with these but neither did I crash, it was just a constant release of energy.  The only downside is I had to remember to take them frequently, as I am so accustomed to taking gels every 45 minutes.  I have to remind myself to keep these readily accessible so I can consistently take them.

I particularly liked the tube ("fastpak") rather than the regular square packages which made getting the chews easier to get out of the packaging.  They fit will in a bike jersey pocket, but might be harder to fit in pockets on running shorts or tops.  I have a hard time running and chewing so I stick to gels while running, but these will make their way into my bike nutrition rotation, especially when I just get sick of gels and need some new textures and flavors!

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