Monday, February 15, 2010

Good running form examples

Many of you have independently asked me about running form, stride length, cadence, etc in the last few weeks or days. I went out to try and find some good screen shots of what makes up good form vs bad.... specifically around stride length since that's been hot lately.

Good example: Scott Molina photo at Gordo's Blog
What's good:
  • Body lean... his center of gravity is practically ahead of his front foot
  • Front knee bend... lower leg is almost parallel to the ground
  • Knee height... look how high he gets his knee up. Increasing the height increases stride length
Gordo Byrn (blog author) happens to be a world class triathlete himself... his blog is lengthy but has many valuable tidbits. Scott Molina is one of the triathlon greats. I like the quote "True running technique is what you are left with when you're wrecked. "

Not so good example: sadly the runner on our homepage
What's not good:
  • Body lean: very little
  • Overstride: huge stride... such a stride should be accompanied by a high lean
  • Front knee bend... by the time that front leg hits the ground, it will create a large angle with the perpendicular, thus acting as a "brake"
  • Back leg position: it shoots backwards whereas it should be tucked under her body more
Admittedly this runner could be going for a finishing sprint in the 100m where form takes less importance... but it seems unlikely from the context.

Maybe we should offer a Sports Bistro prize (like store credit) for anyone who can get a photo of someone with awesome running form wearing a Sports Bistro team kit.


  1. Ha! You're on. My goal this year (aside from PR's at the 10k, Half Marathon, Marathon and Olympic tri distances) is to have someone photograph me in a Sports Bistro kit with the PERFECT lean and stride.

  2. Joel (chidude) told me he's gonna get a photo of himself too. You have some serious competition!!