Monday, November 8, 2010

The holidays are here! Gu Vanilla Gingerbread Review

There are a few ways to tell if it's nearing the end of the year:

1.  It's the offseason (yes, as of yesterday)
2.  It's dark before I leave school at the end of the day (definitely)
3.  Gu Energy releases their special holiday flavors!

Yes, Gu Vanilla Gingerbread and Mint Chocolate are now available in the seasonal 6 count boxes.  While Mint Chocolate was made a regular flavor this year, in my mind it just goes with the winter months.  It's thick and creamy and I really really like it!  I don't think it does well in the August heat, but it is great for a winter run.

Vanilla Gingerbread remains a holiday-only treat.  It comes out in November and is usually sold-out by the end of December.  It's totally different from the other Gu gels.  I think it actually has a bit of a kick from the gingerbread flavoring, as crazy as that sounds.  So it's tart and a bit savory, which is great for those who think the other Gu flavors are too sweet. It is also caffeine free (Gu Mint Chocolate has only a little bit of caffeine).

The packaging is festive for the holidays, they make a great gift for a coach, teammate, or loved one in their stocking.

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