Saturday, October 30, 2010

One more week!

One week to go!  The 2010 New York City Marathon arrives next Sunday.  I'm ready.  Although I've been going through the requisite self-doubting during this taper period, there's nothing I would have done differently.  I've done about 20% more mileage than last year.  My race pace feels nice and easy.  I've maintained 5x a week running routines.  I've had 2 sports massages.  I'm resting well.

So what's next?  The last week is always the hardest, what to do?  Here's my plan:
Saturday:  10 mile run.  Ideally race pace (7:50 minute miles)
Sunday:  3 mile recovery run.  Foam rolling, stretching, ICING!
Monday:  5 mile run.  Race pace.  Roll first, ice after.
Tuesday:  6 mile run.  Race pace, icing!
Wednesday:  Off day. 
Thursday:  Last real run.  5 miles.
Friday:  Hit the expo, pick up number and get a small t-shirt (they go quick!).  Wear comfy shoes!  Water bottle with nuun tablet for hydration.  Then dinner with the family who came in for support.  Ideally a pasta/meat dish for some carbs and protein.
Saturday:  Rest, rolling, light run (<4 miles).  Nuun water bottle.  Dinner a light mix of carbs, protein, and veggies. 
Sunday:  RACE DAY!  Early wake up (5am), get to the race, and go!

Here's my nutrition plan for the race:
Breakfast:  Bagel, orange juice.
Pre-race: 1 Gu Roctane Blueberry Pomegranate, 15 min before (in corral)
Mile 5:  Gu Roctane
Mile 8:  2 Succeed! S! Caps
Mile 11:  Gu Roctane
Mile 12:  2 S! Caps
Mile 16: Gu Roctane, 2 S! Caps
Mile 20:  2 S! Caps
Mile 22:  Gu Roctane
Mile 24:  2 S! Caps
plus alternating sips of water and sports drinks from the aid stations (always taking water with the Roctane).

Post race:  immediately take 1 water bottle of Fluid Recovery Drink (I will give a water bottle with the mix to my family so I can add water and take at the finish).

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