Monday, September 6, 2010

Marathon Training: Weeks 3 and 4

Week 3 got off to a good start with a 4 miler, 6.2 miler, and 5.9 miler Monday - Thursday, but unfortunately that ended up being it for the week.  I moved apartments on Friday and after that marathon session (no joke) spent all day Saturday cleaning, unpacking, and setting up and Sunday was a deserved day at the beach.  So much for a big training week- I only got 16.1 miles in over 3 runs!  As a side note, moving is tough work, but a great quad exercise!

Week 4 I got myself back on track.  The heat and humidity were killer last week and I was NOT used to this after having spent the summer in Seattle (unlike my NYC teammates who are more than accustomed to working out in the oppressive conditions).  That said, Monday I got in a 5.6 mile run and then Tuesday did my first bike ride in over a month.  Wow, have I lost a lot of biking fitness!  It's amazing how the two sports are so different and fitness (other than cardio) really doesn't translate that well.  But I was happy to be on the bike so that was a good day.

Wednesday and Thursday were two harder 7.7 and 5 mile runs.  Friday was a planned off day then Saturday morning I set out for my 11 mile run.  7.7 miles was the longest I had run since mid-July so I didn't want to push it.  I ran an out and back along the Hudson River path and the first 5.5 miles were at a super easy pace.  When I got to the turn around I felt great, but didn't want to be out there forever.  I picked up the pace about 1:15/mile and just ran home.  End time:  90 minutes for 11.2 miles.  I was very happy to have finished so easily, with no residual soreness or fatigue.

I had planned on running an easy 5 miler on Sunday but I woke up late, did stuff around the apartment, and had to run out the door for brunch.  But that's okay because I had hit my goal of 30 miles for the week so now I am back on track!

Goals for the coming week:
Last first week of classes ever!  I get back on a routine so this should help my training.   My plan is 35 miles over 5 runs with the long run of 13 miles.  With classes not starting until 2:15pm 3 days a week (and Fridays off!) there should be no excuses...

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