Sunday, June 20, 2010

Fluid Recovery Drink

We first became familiar with Fluid when they were a sponsor of a women's road cycling racing clinic in Central Park.  One of us was fortunate enough to score a free tub of the Berry Treasure flavor after the race and we tried it as a new recovery drink.  This drink is for real!  The taste was actually quite good- not too sweet and they got the berry flavor pretty close.  The contents were solid- gluten-free, no artificial colors, ingredients, or sweeteners and the right 3.5:1 carb/protein ratio.  And perhaps just as importantly, the powder mixed extremely well in a bottle of cold water (rather than the clumpiness we see with a lot of powdered sports and recovery drinks). 

Fast forward one year later and we still use it as a premier recovery drink.  Take it immediately after a hard or long workout (anything under an hour and it's probably not necessary) to help your muscles recover for the next day's training.  Fluid was originally created as part of a senior project at Cal Poly State University, San Luis Obispo. In its first year on the market, Fluid was awarded the Best Nutrition Product of the Year and Best Sports/Recovery Drink of 2008.  Not that there are a ton of recovery drink products debuting each year, but it's certainly a feather in Fluid's cap. A bonus is that they really understand and support the endurance sports market and we find that very appealing.

The downside of this product is its name.  It's hard to Google "Fluid" and I think they may have trouble with the branding going forward as it gets more and more popular.  But these are nits, and if you are still experimenting with recovery drinks, Fluid is one to add to your list.  And it's now 10% off at!

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  1. Nice article, I love this product! Thank you for giving it the attention it deserves. There was a mistake however, when you put "Fluid" into Google it is the 3rd most popular link. When you put"Fluid Recovery Drink" into Google, it dominates the first 3 pages of Google. I'd say they have nailed the perfect brand name! Everybody needs Fluid after a workout! Thanks again for the review guys!